While some of the items on the other pages could be lumped into the category of Computer Science, what aspects of Computer Science should be taught in a computer lab? Should it dominate the curriculum? At what age do we start teaching Computer Science skills? What are Computer Science skills anyway?

com·put·er sci·ence


The study of the principles and use of computers.

Computer Science is an all encompassing word and it should be integrated in everything we do in the computer lab. Many people suggest that this or that should be taught in the computer lab, but in reality, there are opportunities to incorporate many aspects of the use of computers in what we do everyday. Students should know the different hardware pieces of a computer, as well as software, internet based applications and the skills to manage and use all of these things as a tool.

I do not advocate dedicating "units of study" to these different pieces of computer science in the K-8 setting, but instead educating the students on the way to their project's end, whatever that may be.