Drawing Tools

What is the best approach to teaching drawing tools in the lab?

  • Have the students explore, then share what they figured out.

  • We use Kidpix, I begin with some direct instruction, then I guide them in creating something that will have the same look, so that they understand how to use the tools. Once they learn how to use the tools then I release them to create something on their own. Before I release them I do give them some guide lines. Then when I check their pictures I will know that they can use the tools available to them.

  • I simply use the drawing tools in Word to get them started. I make my own handouts on the tools and what they do. I then have them do a project where they create a flyer for their own business and outline some basic requirements.

What are some tips or tricks to teaching drawing tools in the lab?

What program(s) are out there and with what age group should they be used?

Frames (http://tech4learning.com/frames)


external image logo.jpghttp://www.logoease.com/

This site looks awesome! I just started using it with my Kindergarteners.

Little Bird Tales
I used this for students to draw and restory voice. Final project is a storybook.

Sumo Paint
A web-based drawing tool.

Tux Paint
This free, open source drawing program outdoes anything else I've seen for simplicity and dependability. The only issue is the save location, which they have fixed with the new Tux Paint Configuration tool. Appropriate for all grades.

Sample Projects

In Kid Pix:
In a kindergarten class, we are creating an alphabet book. I created a template with four boxes on it. Each week, they draw 4 letters in the boxes and then find a picture to go with the letter. Sometimes they will use the sound for the picture.

In a first grade class, we created a classroom story based on a book. Each student had a page from a book to illustrate. They drew the subject of that page. We then saved the drawing as an image. Then the teacher placed the images into Photostory (free software program). The teacher then recorded their voices reading their page.

Kindergarteners drew a picture in Tux Paint to show their ability to use the program using a netbook trackpad.

View the Google Doc presentation of their pictures!