Why teach programming?

  • When the students are surfing the web or playing games I want them to understand that what they are doing did not just happen. It took many people many hours of work so that they could play that game on-line. Programing language has changed, but when students have the opportunity to use a program like scratch they begin to have a better understanding of what programing is.
  • Programming instills critical thinking.
  • LOGO is a great programming language we used with the kids to teach them math skills.
    • Alice and Scratch are two programming language have now seemed to replace it.

How should programming be taught?

What are some tips and tricks to teaching programming?
Start with Scratch Cards to get your kids feeling successful with little projects. Then let them use what they have learned to create their own original work.

What are some programming tools recommended for use in the lab? With what ages should they be used?

Hackasaurus (manipulate code on any website)