Social Media

Does the use of Social Media have a place in the lab?

  • Absolutely! The kids use social media outside school, and we need to show them how to responsibly and safely use social media.
  • Students need to be taught the concept of public and private information, and the impact their use can have.

Any tips or tricks for using social media in the lab?
  • Teach them about digital citizenship, cyber-bullying, and safety, first.

At what age should social media be used?
  • Middle school, but need to be careful if they're under 13 on some sites.

What are some recommended social media tools? With what age group should they be used?
  • Pinterest for teachers
  • Edmodo-all age groups (similar to facebook, but safe and school self-contained)
  • Delicious & Diigo (social bookmarking) Diigo has teacher accounts that allows you to make student accounts without needing email. You can create classes and have students share with each other.
  • Google apps
  • Kidblog (create student blogs for free--very easy to manage!)
  • wikispaces